Car Information

  • Mercedes Viano

  • Engine : 2.2 CDI
  • Transmission : 5 speed manual
  • Doors : 5
  • Manufacturing Year 2008
  • Fuel Consumption : 11 L/100Km
100.00 € /for 1 day(s)

The Mercedes Viano was revamped for 2003 with the introduction of a redesigned body and a myriad of technical upgrades. The freshly re-done vehicle featured good handling, performance and fuel economy, all thanks to a smart combination of elements such as standard ESP, ABS, brake assist and even brake-force distribution, low-gear six-speed manual transmission and smooth-running dual-ignition engines. Better catalytic converters were also introduced, complementing the waste-proof exhaust gas recirculation system which increased the chances of total fuel burn and drastically lower CO2 emissions. As in the case of its smaller Vaneo cousin, the large family van came equipped with a “pimped” interior complete with lots of storage cabinets, folding equipment and adjustable seats.

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